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Interactive sessions designed to meet your unique needs and engage your team.


Captivating stories and compelling ideas delivered with humor and heart.


Curated team adventures that foster actionable learnings and lasting memories.




Charity made an impressive impact on our conference delegates. When she closed our conference as the final keynote speaker, she was pitch-perfect in connecting her message to their needs. She has a very dynamic presentation style that is both polished and personable. I would highly recommend her for any presentation that challenges conventional wisdom while also providing practical advice for effecting change.

Rebecca Tunnacliffe (CEO, British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association)


We appreciated the role that Charity played as moderator, presenter, and general orchestra leader for what turned out to be an interactive, informative and interesting session for Governors. The session provided an excellent opportunity for the sharing of best practices, the learning on how different Boards of Governors are structured and administered from one institution to another, and future thinking.

Michele Clarke (Director, Member Relations, Colleges and Institutes Canada)


What struck me about working with Charity was how quickly she was able to understand my business from big vision to unique challenges. She was genuinely curious. I highly recommend working with her! Our team is so much more efficient now.

Emily Fletcher (Founder/CEO Ziva)


The experience journey was a game-changer for me. Not only did it strengthen our team’s connections, but it forged new levels of trust and confidence—and we harnessed those things to help build great things together at Disney Interactive. To this day, almost a decade later, we all communicate on the anniversary of our adventure together to say thanks.

Deanna Kent (Sr. Writer, Disney Interactive)