facilitation & workshops

Interactive sessions designed to meet your unique needs and engage your team.

Workshops Themes: 

  • innovation & Creativity

  • Leveraging diversity

  • harnessing digital disruption

  • leadership training

  • Team building

  • Vision & values

  • Team Culture

  • Strategic alignment

  • Mergers and Acquisitions 

  • role of the board


presentations & entertainment

Captivating stories and compelling ideas delivered with humor and heart.

Presentation Themes:

  • embracing innovation

  • harnessing digital disruption

  • the power of diversity

  • sustainability 

  • the art of listening

  • building Culture

  • skills for the future

  • fostering curiosity

  • risk taking

  • orchestrating community


experience journeys & retreats

Curated adventures that foster actionable learnings and lasting memories.

Experience Journey Themes:

  • communication

  • trust

  • Empathy

  • self-awareness

  • adaptability

  • team building 

  • collaboration

  • risk tolerance

  • curiosity

  • creative problem solving

  • storytelling

  • leadership


"The experience journey was a game-changer for me. Not only did it strengthen our team’s connections, but it forged new levels of trust and confidence—and we harnessed those things to help build great things together at Disney Interactive. To this day, almost a decade later, we all communicate on the anniversary of our adventure together to say thanks."

/  Deanna Kent, Sr. Writer, Disney interactive  /